Your mouth is writing a cheque that your body can’t find. S4E15 — The Crawl

An episode deeply soaked in grief

We need to talk about Ky again

Damn Nick. You’re as heartbroken as you were with Caroline, which means that you just got a deep cut again. I thought you would be a cynic guy who hardens over time, who can’t help himself to hide in his growing underground system of mistrust and sadness. But guess what, you seem to surprise us once again. You do seem to be like a cactus, it really does seem to me that you are one soft green plant that just needed to grow some needles. I salute you, Nick Miller, although the portrayal of your relationship with Ky gave us the impression of being shallow, it wasn’t.

You hurting, man, and it’s hard to watch. Not leaving the room for days, working on a pub crawl you’ve been working on for a decade now. I guess without any regular self care, body wash or tooth paste. What a guy. How sad ..

You will fall hard, Miller

In the midst of hurting, you miss the chance to grow from it but turn your back on your feelings to climb a mountain you can’t conquer. The only reason we can relax is Winston, because he just doesn’t carry a backpack with all the necessary first aid tools with him, but he left space in there to be able to carry you through the night and back home whenever you will crash. Winston is a true friend, and you can be glad that you have him.

New Girl: Nick & Jess 4x15 #4 (Ness flashback) — YouTube

A natural sadness

“I’ve got nothing to do.” It seems to be hard when you do reach your mountain, or at least see the top in front of you, but you can’t climb it because you threw your shoes after a squirrel. However, Nick closed another chapter, and so did I.

Unrelated note at the end of this episode

I’m happy for Coach, his new girl seems to be sweet and good to him. (yeah I know, I’m foreshadowing)



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