The hard is what makes it good. S3E11 — Clavado En Un Bar

Don’t think about the quote too long. It’s not meant to be that sexual. It’s just another essential Nick Miller episode.

Rarely are Nick and Jesse allowed to feel lightness and ease despite the circumstances of life and the writer’s choices. (Damn you, writers, you will annoy the heck out of me with the usual back-and-forth between the two of them, but hey, I guess this is where you lose me but win a thousands of viewers.)

Time constraints

Being in a writer’s room and trying to fill a rough 20 minute episode comes with many challenges. Filler episodes have gained traction throughout the last decade, everyone knows about the shelf life of the infamous fly in Breaking Bad’s episode, and for sure there have been many different approaches to this concept. For this episode, Coach gets to do what Coach does best — setting the time and stop the countdown.

In the episode, Jess procrastinated to come up with a career decision that may not seem important, but surely feels intimidating. While Nick isn’t really allowed to give his opinion in the first part of the episode, he is the only one that actually knows where he is standing in life and why.

  • Winston obviously still lacks character development (damn, Coach really got the gig for the other sitcom no one watched and they just replaced the dude without any idea, right) and therefore gets the most obvious “I have never actually made a single decision in my life” ticket. For sure, that’s an interesting perspective as well, but again, who cares about Winston yet, right? Get your shit together with Ferguson, start developing a weird fetish for bird shirts, and find your calling as a police man and future wife. And goodness gracious, please give me enough energy to not shout at the TV again when the terrible Ronda-arc is happening. Guys there may be a rant coming up, and I am pretty happy I don’t know when it’s going to happen.
  • Coach. Well, your sitcom seemed to bomb, I guess because I never watched it and I don’t even care googling the information what it was about. So you’re a main cast member now, congratulations. Have you set the countdown? Great, keep reminding us every 5 minutes.
  • Schmidt. Really fun guy, amazing. Watching this episode at least for the third time on demand, and probably many more on TV, it has come to my attention that you got a half-hearted Barney Stinson origin story. *needs to google which origin story comes first*

Ok, I had to google that and it’s really close, so let’s continue without a bullet point: This New Girl episode aired on 01/7/2014, the Barney Stinson reveal on 01/20/2014. So technically, Schmidt’s origin is kind of the OG one. BUT. The HIMYM build up lasted 9 seasons and got kind of really interesting, right? Mhh, I would say it’s a draw. Anyway, come on Schmidt.

  • Cece — yeah. Speaking of character development and bashing Winston three paragraphs before. LOL. And on the radio they just started to play Nickelback. This is how you remind me. Wow, forgettable. But hey, Cece. Keep on bartending, you are on the right path.

Why not ask the one and only person in this episode who actually knows what he wants?

It’s all too easy to make fun of Nick, but once again I am here to defend him. He got the freaking bar exam and still works in the bar. I love it, I simply love it. And he is fine with it. Do you remember when I started this blog and talked about his empathetic capacity in the pilot? Or when I pointed out how comfortable, calm and wise he seems to be being in the bar? That’s because this is exactly where he wants to be. This is exactly what he wanted to do. And what he is still doing.

Nick is the only adult in the series right now who is most advanced in what he actually wants to have. Sure, I have already mentioned the roller coaster with Jess at the beginning of this article (and if you have really read the whole thing through to this point, you are either reading this yourself again at 2am alone in your bed watching stupid things on the phone, or it’s you, future girlfriend who I have told, obviously in a weak or stupid moment, that I have once written a whole blog dedicated to Nick Miller. And you are now scanning through the articles to find spicy stories from my past. Or you’re one of her besties and got the task to support. In both cases: Cheers and lol to you.)

So to my potential audience of the future — as there is no audience in the present xD — future me, future girlfriend or her bestie: I love Nick Miller. I do hope that I kind of love at least two of you — you can probably guess who of you I’m talking about. As I plan to love myself in the future as well, it’s either you, sweetie, or you, sweetie. See what did there? I think I should go shopping for groceries.

Oh god — you know what just popped in my mind? I hope my kids never read this. Just came to my mind, but .. that’s a topic I am super far away from. I mean hey, I’m writing another rough 1000-word piece about a single New Girl episode. So kid(s), if you do read this, look how far I’ve come xD

Let’s end with the last clip of the episode, that reflects my mood right now, knowing and feeling that I am on the right path as well. I’m soon turning 30, you know, in more than a month. I have already started to collect new ideas for my 30s. Writing and recording an acoustic guitar album, doing live concerts, and learning not only to sing, but also to scream and growl. I think I want to play metalcore too one day and either be the guitarist or lead singer of a middle-aged-but-still-super-badass metal cover band. Let’s see




Writer. Editor. Thinker. Fighting with the alligator within.

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Chris Miller

Chris Miller

Writer. Editor. Thinker. Fighting with the alligator within.

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