That’s wordplay. It’s also a free writing lesson. S4E22 — Clean break

A major episode review — for myself

Clean breaks

A way of life, a way of thinking, a way of living.

He or she who must travel happily must travel light.

I remember watching this one HIMYM episode as if it was yesterday. It opened with Ted explaining his kids that everyone carries baggage with themselves, and that he’s not an exception. Back then, Ted was left at the altar by Elliot, aah, Stella, and that weighted heavily on him. The visualisation of everyone carrying bags or suitcases around felt like as if it opened the third eye of my reflection capabilities. It changed the way I saw my world of struggles, as it gave me a clear indication that I was carrying a jumbojet of problems und unresolved issues with me; no wonder I was struggling so hard at that specific time.

Being Chris

I’m soon moving into a room in a shared flat. Thinking back to March 2020, when I started this blog, I have to admit that I came closer to my wishful thinking back then, more then I could have ever imagined.

A clear and strict attitude: Feeling and thinking like Coach

The goofyness and big heart of Winston Bishop

Being caring but annoying as hell like Jess

This section in an essence: Jess is her own character. I’m aware there was a time in Hollywood everyone loved Zoey Dechanel, but as I already outlined in my first blog entries: I watched New Girl despite Jess, not because of her. But with this episode, and the accompanying review you’re just reading, I announce a clean break: I do acknowledge Jess’s annoying character and my ever-present resentment towards her, but I let it go. It’s time for me to accept her and embrace her to the fullest.

Being a self-obsessed and hopeless romantic like Schmidt

The beautifully lost Cece

Yeah. I wouldn’t dare to say that the only thing that connects me to Cece is our beautiful face x) But perhaps it’s the ongoing development of her character, from obviously good-looking and seemingly shallow model to caring mom — UPS — spoiler alert .. well even up to now she has seen so much change that I don’t need to spoil anything coming up here .. Starting as Schmidt’s trophy but becoming way more, it’s beautiful to watch :-)

The pityful poor mess of one Nick Miller

humble Deco Queen

Yup, that’s me. After taking this approach, I feel better. I hope you had fun with this article and with season 4. As season 5 is on its way, let’s conclude with the last piece of Nick and Jess



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