That’s the wizard? He’s wearing a scrunchy! 1x02 — Kryptonite

First of all, shoutout to all men wearing a scrunchy. Soon, I am one of yours.

Unless you are super into ASMR and couldn’t help yourself rewatching this, you probably shared the same feeling as I did. The TV broke, and that’s never a satisfying thing to experience. Similar to smartphone screens they hold the power of distracting and engaging us from ever turning our attention to ourselves and our current state of mind.

My new thing right now is watching Girl With The Dogs grooming random sweet hearts, clipping their nails and spraying them in cologne with such fantastic names as berry champagne. Look, I never had a dog and the world of grooming could not possibly be further away from my own life, but learning about the importance of clean paw pads was way to captivating for me a week ago.

Here I am, telling you about my own distraction system that, over time and thanks to the everchanging YouTube algorithm, currently showcases New Girl clips, grooming videos and random Nick Offerman wisdom. Furthermore, an amazingly alarming amount of anime and studio Ghibli movies in a really short time that only stress my pressing need for escapism. Even writing this blog serves as both development and distraction at the same time.

But it’s not right here, right now. As Nick Miller’s distraction system broke and watching a baseball game on his clamshell was probably never a durable solution, I feel relieved that our group of friends have a working TV again.

In contrast to Nick, I see my distraction strategies properly working for now and that I’m in a good place sitting on the couch watching grooming videos. I also know that there will come the time when I have to face the broken TV in front of me, but it hasn’t come yet. In the meantime, I can simply allow myself to be in the safe space I arranged, waiting for the next chicken nugget to get her paw pads cleaned.



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