Yup, one article for the rest of season 5

Chris Miller
2 min readDec 21, 2022

I have picked up on New Girl once again. I’ve watched the entire fifth season in two days, one could argue that it escalated quickly.

However, I truly enjoyed it. Although —season 5 — somehow pretty average. Meh. Forgettable. Our boy wasn’t in the limelight all too often, not a lot of wise quotes or life lessons to ponder about.

  • Episode 6 — How does a writer’s room look like? Nick trying to impress Megan Fox. Pretty cool.
  • Episode 15 — Jeff day and an episode about false manhood
  • Episode 17 road trip — a classic New Girl episode I simply love. Toby. Toby! TOBY! TOBY! B’#ch!
  • Episode 20 — A short Tran comeback and the first line of Nick’s zombie novel.
  • Episode 22 — amazing speech at the wedding, with a beautiful and touching closing ceremony in the flat. Plus: The end of the douchebag jar.

Having said all that, we’re finally marching towards the last and final chapter of New Girl. I know there are two seasons left, but more broadly speaking. The chapter of Nick and Jess. Uff, get ready for it.

It’s also time to reflect on this journey here on medium.com — slowly but surely it’s coming to an end. A little more than 1 1/2 years ago I started this blog and tried to hone my writing skills. Intensive watching and writing have alternated with long absences from writing.

Have I developed as a writer? As a human being? In my professional life? In my personal life? If so, how do I feel about it? Am I, and if so, to what extent am I happy about it?

I feel nervous about watching episode 1 of Season 6. It means Schmidt and Cece will buy this ugly a#! house and renovate it. Rather sooner than later, their kid will mock Nick — I’ve seen the teasers already. It means Nick ultimately finds love. Have I found love since I’ve started this blog?

You see, writing is about rasing questions

And being brave enough to face the answers silently inside yourself and also to endure that..



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