S3E09 — Longest Night Ever

Wow, what a boring episode for us Miller fans. I get it, it’s officially New Girl and not Old Guy, but still, Nick was heavily underused in these 20 minutes. It just started to rain heavily as if the weather wanted to proof my point.

Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense what I just wrote, but anyway I am going with it. I had a troublesome week, it’s weekend now and I am looking forward to another episode. After that, I am going to take a nap without setting an alarm clock. Plus, to be completely on the adventurous side of life, muting the phone as well. Life, here I come, I hope you’re prepared. I know I’m not, and nobody cares whether I am.

So, what is left to say before I’m jumping into the next episode? Nick couldn’t even stand taking care of a cat for a night, and I think I just recently dreamed about fighting with a cat. Actually, that was a heck of a dream. So the cat kind of bit into my right wrist to cut open a small space between my skin and muscles, only to crawl under it and kind of close the opening once again. I had a freaking cat under my lower arm, and I hated it. Damn, so all I could do was trying to shake out my right hand, hoping to annoy the cat so it would voluntarily leave my lower arm again. I think it worked.

Nick, don’t trust cats. They are the worst.

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