Rich boy punk. 1x17+1x18 Fancyman

The temptations of being a grown-up

The Nick Miller Cinematic Universe formerly known as The Pepperwood Chronicles

Preface — Setting the stage

Stage 1 — Taking off

A kitchen island. Be a man and let your counter attach to itself.

When I put my hand on the desk I feel sexual proficient for the first time in my life.

Stage 2 — Staying afloat

- Thought exercise

I’m a bar tender. I’m thirty years old, I don’t have health insurance.

20 year old girls, they think I am awesome. [..] and they have never felt pain. I’m Skylar’s fancy man, can you believe it?

Stage 3 — Crashing down the mountain

Could I have walked into the mountains? When does a hill become a mountain? It just happened.. I’m so cold.



Writer. Editor. Thinker. Fighting with the alligator within.

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