It’s not all smiles and sunshine. S4E16 — Oregon

Someone had to address the reality, Nick stepped in and delivered

Let Nick Miller show you how to be a good friend

  • Just be there and play along with your shtick, even if it’s obvious to everyone that your friend is currently in a place of denial and escapism.
  • Enable her to experience her home trip like she had planned, but replace the ex who dumped her with the whole gang of friends. Even if it takes 18+ stations through Portland, a city described as that ugly and uninteresting that just leaves one major conclusion: They have definitely not seen a single LaMarcus Aldridge game in his prime. (What a shame, but what can you do, right?)
  • Admidst all the chaos, sadness and denial, be the bravest person in the room to address the obvious: The situation right now sucks, it was neither planned or expected and this is what has to be dealt with right now. Stay the course, even when your friend disappeared into her room to play her old teenage-sadness songs. Long story short: simply be there.
  • Long-distance relationship don’t work. Yup, I agree.

“I was coming in as a friend, Jess”

Well, I am not sure Nick realizes that he was way more in that episode. What an advice for a hurting friend..

Random Nick Miller quote of the episode that won’t be discussed in detail

“I touched both your mother’s breasts in a communal womb.”

You can read my more serious approach to the value of friendship here.



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