I might have met future me. S2E02 — Katie

Nick meets future Nick

What would happen if you met your future self?

I think it is an interesting thought experiment as the situation has certainly two sides to it. On the one side, obviously, I would be present Chris encountering my future self — muscular and highly exercised, skilled in hand-to-hand combat and not only good with the girls, but also extremely wealthy and successful. Plus, with a smile that makes even men questioning their own sexuality. I’m quite intimidated by this perfect being, this perfect me that I would meet randomly, maybe on the streets or like Nick in a bar.

On the other side, there would be a time in my life in the future when I decide it was a good idea to travel back in time to meet the Chris from the past. Which only means that my transformation into a real-life Bruce Wayne wouldn’t have affected my awareness of my humble roots — a fact that makes future me only more honourable and heroic. (I’m seeing my future self with long open hair and wearing an open white shirt riding a white horse on the beach as he is purposefully approaching past/present me. What a man ..)

I can’t wait to see that happen..

How much importance can and should we give to encounters like these?

Maybe there is a strange parallel universe out there where I would meet my future self on a white horse. Maybe not, but we’ll never know. What I do know though is that we definitely give way too much meaning to certain encounters like these. Having gotten and desperately used quote calenders for quite some time, I noticed a general clinging towards quotes, poets and other “famous thinkers” society or social media pop culture has chosen to be one of the wise great human beings in the history of human kind (I’m looking especially at you, social media pop culture, wannabes and daydreamers with an attention span of a gold fish, and your successful establishment of obsessively used quotes by Steve Jobs over the past 20 years and heaving him into god-like status even my mom probably thinks to appreciate now.. *facepalm*)

In my first semester at university I had a lecture on technology and ethics. Most engineering students hated and mad fun of that weird course, but I liked it very much. The lecturer once talked about the importance and significance of the very next person you are going to meet next — independently from education, job or other background. Simple meeting a person eye to eye (screen-on-screen). It doesn’t always need to be the wise start-up founder or a wise Tuvaluan poet from the 13th century. The bus driver who is responsible to get you and all other passengers to work is at least as equally important, if not more important than every other person on this planet when you’re commuting to work this morning.

I still think back to this specific lecture in awe. Beauty and admiration can be found in simple things, and with every single person you are encountering. It doesn’t need to be a famous person or your future self. Sometimes it can be as random as life can be.

My random encounter on Langkawi

Whilst backpacking in south east Asia, I was travelling to Langkawi, a beautiful island in Malaysia. For quite a few days I saw a man with an impressive full beard walking by my favourite shack on the beach. He always seemed to be cheerful and joyful, smiling and captivating me every single time he walked past me.

Days later, I was playing Frisbee on the beach as he was waving his hands from far away, signalling me that he would like to join the game. We ended up talking for a few minutes in the end, and I can still feel his words and charisma in my mind’s eye. He simply talked about the beauty of life, his life, his upbringing and struggles of the past. He openly told me how he turned around his life and is now able to enjoy it to the fullest.

Chris, you seem to be a very nice person. Do what you love. Follow your dreams, don’t look back, and smile. Live the day as if it was your last. Sing, dance, make music. Really, you play the guitar, just a little bit? Go onto the streets and sing for peace! Make people happy! Smile! Enjoy your life here and now!

I could tell you more about this fascinating guy — what he experienced in his life, where he was from, how we earned or did not earn money, but that’s exactly the point I am trying to make here — it doesn’t matter. We shouldn’t overemphasize the messenger — but look at the message.

A recent random encounter

A few months ago I started thinking about starting a MBSR teacher education, but I wasn’t sure if my English would be sufficient to do it in English. Long story short, I had a wonderful conversation with a girl who I met relatively randomly and out of the blue (again, doesn’t matter), and she inspired me to follow my intuition and simply do it.

What do you have to lose? Try! You will be more than fine, and if not, you will be better over time. Don’t worry too much about it now, you have the chance to start the teacher education NOW and impact people and the world already TODAY..

What is my message here?

It’s important for me to not give too much weight and significance to single events, talks or people — whether it may have been pleasant or unpleasant. Of course random encounters can have a dramatic impact on your life and shape the way you think or see yourself — there may be friendships or even relationships resulting from them, as I know from my own experience.

But the important aspect is the overriding theme — it all started with a randomness and weirdness that can happen. Every. Single. Waking. Moment. Of your life.

Miller reference of the episode

We just got the first mentioning of Miller’s book title Z for Zombie. Watch out kids for more information about that captivating story in the future..




Writer. Editor. Thinker. Fighting with the alligator within.

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Chris Miller

Chris Miller

Writer. Editor. Thinker. Fighting with the alligator within.

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