I found garbage and it has chocolate in it. S2E17 — Parking Spot

Who needs a win?

Sometimes all we need is a win

A friend of mine once found herself in a shop and failed at trying to move with a snake board. As she told me yesterday, that was one of the first times she felt old — being 21 years at that time. After seeing a small kiddo effortlessly hopping onto the snake board and skating around, she impulsively decided to buy one for herself to prove she can do it after all. Kids, she needed a win.

Sometimes we find ourselves arguing with people about stupid things only to prove a point. To emphasize we are right and the others are wrong. In other cases our interests and hobbies seem to take over and lose all normal proportions. I mean, I am writing a blog around Nick Miller and New Girl, and I told my friend yesterday that if I am keeping my current publishing pace, I will probably finish all 146 episodes before my 30th birthday, and even have a few days that I can allow myself to take off xD. Plus, that I I already have the next series in mind that I can obsess over blogging.

Unless I have life, less time or a lot of work until then.

I found garbage and it has chocolate in it.

Let’s hope all of that comes true, right. It seems I need a win as well. And maybe my win consists of a remarkable project that proofs something to me that maybe I’m missing in my regular life. Regularity, stability, the believe in myself that I can be part of something that withstands trends and seasonal changes? Having the feeling that my twenties were not wasted, and proofing this by blogging about New Girl? The longer I’m thinking and writing about it, the more obvious and the more weird it gets. So yeah, I need a win, and writing a blog about Nick Miller seems like a goal that came directly from my heart — and what should we do with feelings coming from within? Follow them, exactly. So that’s what I am going to do.



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Chris Miller

Chris Miller

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