For what it’s worth .. I did it. I kept a secret. S4E06 — Background Check

What a sweaty episode

Background Check. Having someone scanning your looks, your past and perhaps even your past. I admit, it’s a cruel vision to get a background check, but it happens all the time. With the right tools, it’s not longer a nightmare looming over us, it’s reality. As of right now, at least some kind of intelligence scans my desperate tries to craft a sound piece of article here, monitoring all the back and forth, ideas being born and deleted half way. Can you actually measure the desperation that goes into crafting a story by measuring the hesitancy of new words getting typed or the assurance and speed of the backspace key roaming over an incoherent text?

A lot of thoughts are in my mind right now, and the overlying wish for an empathetic listener is clearly pounding in my chest. Today, I have the rare feeling that I can be my own empathetic listener today. While I am usually missing someone special to take care of me on a day like this one, it’s different today. I know I can do this myself.

I am watching myself struggle in a very specific part of my life, and I listen. But I am not keeping it a secret. I am talking about it, with friends and also with myself. And right now, I can accept not crafting another useful article here and just let it be. For the sake of accepting whatever should happen right now instead.



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