F#!k you, mom and dad

I hate your new SUV


When we forget the infection
Will we remember the lesson?

The Last Dance

Needless to say, MJ was one of the ultimate competitors in sports and highly successful. It’s also fair to say that we will never see anyone like him ever again. But as far as I see it, I’m not sure if we really want to see someone like him again..

Still Dancing

About sprints and marathons

“Don’t take it personal. It took me a long time to accept this, but you don’t matter in a world like that. You simply must not take it personal.”

And that’s a fucking depressing state of the world, that gives you so many possibilities and chances if you only accept the devaluation of your personal value to your company and hence society.

Dad, let’s finally talk about your new SUV

“It’s safer to drive.”

“I can no longer get into the old car because it is so low set.”

“Well, at least we could pick you up yesterday to bring home your stuff from the old flat, right?”

But what’s my point after all?




Writer. Editor. Thinker. Fighting with the alligator within.

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