A meditation on letting go and allowing myself to arrive

I start to smirk and notice a subtle nervousness in my stomach. Unsure of the situation, I start to smile, primarily to elicit relaxation from the nervous tension. It just happened again, a good friend has once again caught me in my stuck patterns. Her observations allow me to breathe…

I hate your new SUV

As if you haven’t ruined all of our lives enough, your generation found another way to f#!k mine and all the generations yet to come.


I’ve been renting a flat in Vienna for the last 2 1/2 years; and I am moving out at the end of the month. …

The temptations of being a grown-up

Sensing the wistfulness of adulthood and the smell of leather and a massive wooden desk may not only keep you afloat for the first time in ages. Reaching both new and long forgotten summits lets you notice the self-imposed blinders and shackles that start pulling down your ankles.

Welcome to the NMCU

New Girl…

Let’s zoom out to all room mates, for once, shall we?


It was mentioned that Winston started to like birds. Get ready for all the beautiful bird shirts in the next season.


Finding love and exiting the show once again. What a lovely ending for a lovely character.


Breaking up and an inch closer to finding back to Cece. Let’s go…

Is this the only episode of New Girl that addresses, or at least touches on, racial issues in America? It was enjoyable to get some sense of seriousness. And it finally fleshed out Winston a bit, a generally poorly executed character since day one.

Good friends make you stand up to your mom

Even when she thinks you’re into her, as annoying as she is, you have to take it. You have to stand your ground, because it’s for a greater good. Owning ten per cent of the bar! What will follow is a random list of unrelated Miller quotes; and it will only have one item on it because it’s a really famous one.

Can I get an alcohol?

Someone had to address the reality, Nick stepped in and delivered

Let Nick Miller show you how to be a good friend

  • Just be there and play along with your shtick, even if it’s obvious to everyone that your friend is currently in a place of denial and escapism.
  • Enable her to experience her home trip like she had planned, but replace the ex who dumped her with the whole gang of…

Chris Miller

Writer. Editor. Thinker. Fighting with the alligator within.

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